Contributor : Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program

Funded by :

National Research Council of Thailand


The Equitable Education Fund (EEF) is a non-profit organisation that aims to reduce educational inequities in Thailand. As its first of three-year operation draws to a close, the EEF advisory committee seeks to understand the impact and the outcomes of the organisation’s work. The Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program Foundation, also known as HITAP, is pleased to respond to this need and present our proposal to conduct a developmental evaluation on the EEF.


  1. To move towards evidence-informed and procedurally fair priority setting in healthcare in lower and middle-income countries
  2. To assess the political and technical pitfalls that may get in the way of healthcare priority setting, and consider how they might be overcome;
  3. To set a tone and approach to discussion of these issues that creates a basis for collaborative problem-solving in the future.

Contact Person :

Kanchanok Sirison

Email: [email protected]

Rachel Archer

Email: [email protected]