Jakarta: As we fly over the clear blue Java Sea, I notice the sand from a few scattered islands sloping into the clear waters. I glance again towards my right shoulder at the travel pack I have been reading, containing Indonesia’s country progress report and the objectives of our collaborative activities. I am part of a 9-member strong HITAP team approaching this mesmerizing Indonesian archipelago, containing islands said to be anywhere between 13 to 18 000. Indonesia is the fourth most populated country in the world with approximately 900 islands known to have a permanent human settlement. Its main island Java houses half of the 257.6 million people, while the other half of the population inhabit other islands in pockets. This certainly poses a veritable challenge for the provision of universal health coverage (UHC).

1HITAP has been invited by the Ministry of Health, Indonesia to support local scholars in conducting 4 HTA studies. Indonesia is making steady progress in UHC, i.e. access to health services by all citizens without incurring financial hardship, making it even more important for undertaking evidence-informed decision making to ensure efficient allocation of resources and health systems management. HITAP’s experience in conducting and incorporating HTA for use in decision-making in South East Asia Region (along with its iDSI partners) will be shared in this three-day interaction with our collaborators from: Centre for Healthcare Financing under the Ministry of Health; the Healthcare Social Security Agency or the BPJS; the University of Indonesia; the Gadjah Mada University; members of the Health Technology Assessment Committee (HTAC); and, international partners such as PATH. HITAP aims to help the local research teams finalize four proposals of HTAs that will be conducted to improve Indonesia’s pharmaceutical reimbursement list.

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