Contributor : Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program

Funded by :

The Access and Delivery Partnership (ADP)


This collaboration has received great support from ADP with an objective to enable the provision of technical assistance and capacity strengthening to LMICs for evidenced-informed health decision making, through the development of online resources on topics related to HTA relevant to ADP focus countries including Bhutan, Senegal, Ghana and Indonesia. Information on each country is as follows: Indonesia, UNPAD partner and HITAP, under support and collaboration with ADP, are working through several phases to develop online materials (MOOCs) relevant to technical capacity development and knowledge exchange in HTA. This is recognized as the global public good for LMICs to strengthen their HTA development and for HITAP and ADP to engage with focus countries, given limited travel opportunities during COVID-19. Ghana: In collaboration with ADP, HITAP provide technical support through online materials (MOOCs) and following with series of consultations to identify national needs and priorities for institutionalising HTA at the national level.

Contact Person :

Alia Cynthia Luz

Email: [email protected]

Aparna Ananthakrishnan

Email: [email protected]

Sarin KC

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